Luc Fortier   

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Artist Statement

Since I started painting, I have been fascinated by the human body. Each human is almost identical from a genetic point of view but yet so different from a morphology point of view.. The human body has endless diversity, the slightest change in expression gives an interpretation and emotion that is completely different

What I am trying to capture is really the essence, of a person, a thought, a sensation, a moment of Intimacy. This emotion is expressed through colors, textures and mostly by the eyes of a person. I succeed when the viewer is captivated by the subject depicted

My work is generally characterized by bright colors and a high luminosity contrast that give to my paintings a theatrical appearance. I use oil, acrylic medium or ink depending of the subject to be treated. A large proportion of my work is realized using knives, I also sometimes add aggregates like wood fibers, glass or sand to the medium to give interesting textures and avoid a photographic representation while transmitting emotion.

Initially influenced by Vassily Kandinsky, my abstract practice suddenly switched following the influence from French painter Serge Labégorre discovered during a painting retreat in France. Since that day, my production is mostly oriented toward figure painting and portraits integrating a good portion of abstraction.